Bello PR-33 TV Stand up to 65" TVs.

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Bello PR-33 Espresso Finish A/V Cabinet with Hidden Media Storage - TV Stand up to 65" TVs.

This classic Espresso finish audio/video cabinet will display most Flat Panel or Micro display TVs up to 65" and up to four or more audio/video components that can be hidden behind the included glass or wood solid panel doors. The center channel speaker is hidden behind a speaker cloth paneled drop-down door and there are two pull-out media storage side drawers to hide your DVD or CD collection. The cabinet interior has flow-through ventilation and features a CMS® Cable Management System to hide wires and interconnect cables.

Overall Dimensions:

  • W: 62-1/8
  • H: 26-1/4
  • D: 22


  • Flat Panel Plasma, LCD up to 65".

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    by on January 23, 2013

    I purchased Bello's PR-33 audio/video cabinet with which is OK except for the very undersized wheels. I was able to see the very small wheels for the first time (Not visible in Best Buys showroom) when it was delivered to my home. I was disappointed that the wheels were not the type that swivel to allow movement of the cabinet in any direction except for just forward and back. However, I got a stand up dolly out to lift the cabinet up and into the position that I wanted it to be in order to push it up against my living rooms back wall. After getting the cabinet in position I wanted it (left to right), I began to push the cabinet back towards the wall. As I started to move the cabinet I heard a strange sort of sound and thought that it was the wheels squeaking under the massive weight of the cabinet. Further along in the process, the cabinet was now clear of the original spot where I placed the cabinet with the dolly and was up against the wall where I wanted it. Upon looking down, I noticed that the very undersized wheels for the weight of the cabinet dented my newly resurfaced oak wood floor. It left very noticeable creases in the floor where the wheels rolled over. I was sick to my stomach when I saw that my newly refinished floor was damaged by the wheels of the cabinet. I retrospect, I now understand that the heavy weight of the cabinet on the tiny hard wheels is poor design. The wheels should have been larger to disperse the weight on a larger surface to insure this type of damage does not occur to a hardwood floor. I really don't see the wheels being functional on anything except a concrete basement floor. They are not high enough to roll on carpet and as I have unfortunately found out, will crease a hardwood floor. I contacted Bello with tons of emails and phone calls which for the most part went unanswered. After consistent hounding over a period of several months. Bello offered a $100.00 for the damage that was estimated at $400.00 to repair. I refused to settle and am pursuing civil action. I am compelled to warn prospective customers of this product about the defect and Bello's very substandard Customer Service.

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